Roast Pumpkin

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I am not a baker but do enjoy cooking. Way back in 2012 I put a few recipes on my blog. As you Northern Hemisphere folk have a few spare pumpkins perhaps you could give this one a go.

I thought it was about time I started to put in some of my favourite recipes. I won’t claim it as all my own work but a modification/combination of other recipes that I have tried.
Hope you give it a go and tell me what you think


Olive oil
Fresh sage leaves
Sea salt
Soft cheese – ricotta, even a brie (remove skin) or bocconcini may work.

Quantities are up to you but don’t over crowd the baking tray with olives or sage leaves. – 8 to 10 sage leaves, a couple of handful of olives.

Cut pumpkin and garlic and place in baking tray with olive oil. Cover with cracked black pepper or peppercorn(s) of choice (I use a four peppercorn mix) and a bit of sea salt. Place in oven – 200 degrees, bake for 10/15 mins, remove from oven and place sage leaves and olives in baking tray, sprinkle a bit more olive oil and return to oven for a further 10/15 mins..

The next bit.

Baby spinach
Roasted pine nuts

Cook pasta of choice (I used penne) in plenty of boiling (salted if you do normally) water and when al dente, drain and place the cooked pasta back in the pot, add the baby spinach and toss to wilt, drizzle with olive oil, then add half the roasted pumpkin and mix through.

When you serve, top the pasta with the rest of the pumpkin, the roasted pine nuts, fresh soft cheese chunks and serve immediately.

16 thoughts on “Roast Pumpkin

  1. Now that sounds absolutely delicious, I’m passing it on to my daughter as I’m certain they’ll be carving out a few pumpkins very soon.
    Thank you very much for taking part Brian. 🙂

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      1. I would cook something and the girls would love it and then look at me and say “You don’t remember how you cooked this do you?” So I started writing things down as I went

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  2. This sounds absolutely heavenly, Brian. Thank you so much for the recipe!

    Up here in the northern hemisphere we’re told to buy baking pumpkins, not the giant ones they grown & sell for carving. Not sure what the difference is, aside from there being more meaty insides to the baking ones… and they’re much smaller & pricier.

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