The Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Week

I heard this and wondered about songs, lyrics, harmony and the sheer force of music and what it can invoke in people. I was around ten years old but already had the music in me. My Mum was in a record club and used to buy all sorts of records for her and childrens ones for me and my sister. She played piano but I couldn’t get the hang of playing piano but guitar….I was away.

Have a listen and what do you think?

I don’t have my first guitar any more but the black semi-acoustic the first guitar I bought with my own money is still as good as the day I bought it. It is a Japanese copy of a jazz guitar, perhaps a Maton, by Splendor. I have never been able to find any information about Splendor Guitars and I have looked eight days a week!

5 thoughts on “Week

  1. (If a similar comment shows up out of the ethos, feel free to remove it. They say essentially the same thing. WP is being… wp. Again.)

    BRAVO!!! Delighted to see you found your musical niche! 👏 👍🏼

    Being a classical opera-type, there are lots of things in your genre I don’t understand, and perhaps you’ve the same thoughts about Puccini, Mozart, and the rest of “the boys in the band.” 😉

    Nevertheless, I did a quick search for your guitar and below is what came up. Hope you can start some good conversations.

    Ciao, bello!

    P.S./ On the other hand, it might be the more-than-3 urls driving the system nuts. In that event, check “reverb dot com” for 2 listings.
    And “jedistar dot com” for 2.
    There’s a youtube dot com here (/watch?v=UblBMpwGULs).
    (Be sure you fill in the appropriate blanks in all cases!)

    And this one:

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  2. This oldie digs the oldies; thanks. Don’t know about Splendors, but I went to high school (just over half a century ago!) with the son of the guy who was chief exec at Ovation Guitars. I’m a drum / flute sort of guy, so i was never all that impressed but, man, they had a SOUND!
    Thanks for the memory.

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    1. Thanks Ron 🙂 yes a sound indeed. More of a Stones man myself. I’ll have to dig out a bit of Jethro Tull for one of the challenges or a song with a huge drum solo.
      The Lone ranger and Tonto were riding along when the heard the Indian drums. They slowed to a walk, looking very wary at the sound of the drums. All of a sudden the drums stopped. Tonto said “Kimosabi” in a dire voice, “You know what happens when the drums stop?” “No” said the Lone Ranger a bit fearful. Tonto said in a dismal voice “Bass solo!!!” 😀 😀


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