Pink and yellow get together

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink and Yellow (separately or combined)

All I could think of immediately was flowers

and then though perhaps the sky has combined some pink and yellow too

25 thoughts on “Pink and yellow get together

  1. Hi – I have seen a few folks join in for the pink and yellow theme this week and each time it has been enriching – these colors pair so well and I can see why you went to flowers because the ones you have are packed with diversity and beauty – and the colors of course
    Also – did you know that when my step daughter was in middle school her mom got this really big house – and she was all excited because she got to do her bedroom in “pink and Orange”

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      1. Well it is exactly the same – and sadly there is a bad story to follow – the mom cut her off because of her boyfriend choice – which led to them getting married – duh! And then sadly the mom passed away in 2019 (story for another time) and my step daughter finally got to go back and get some stuff she had been wanting since 2013! And the room – even the coordinating pink and Orange bathroom – all the same

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      2. Oh it really is a good union – they have two children now and he is in the Air Force so some moving around – anyhow – pink and Orange remind me of her room so thanks for triggering the memory

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