14 thoughts on “Colour as a statement

  1. Red Hat Society. Reds and purples! Can’t miss them when they are out doing their thing! I miss going out to eat! Florida has opened up 100%, but our positive cases are just rising and rising. 1500-3000 per day new positive cases. I’m not partaking in the nonsense! So, I miss the red hatters when out & about! 🙂

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      1. Yeah, it sucks! We really could have been over this for the most part, but thanks to Trump the Chump and our Mini Me Governor, we are in worse shape now than we were in April. People just act like its gone and life is back to normal because these idiots can’t lead worth a dang! Okay, I’m done venting. Thank you for listing! Thank you red hatters for getting me riled up…!!! LOL! 🙂

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