34 thoughts on “Busy shopping is kinda a drag

  1. if you are focused it is fine I always find – the trick at our Portuguese market is to get there before 9am to avoid the crowds but even then it can still be as busy as this!

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      1. I should have posted one of the other videos which has a bit of history. They were number one in Aust. They were one of the first American bands to have a number one hit when the charts were dominated by British bands in the US

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      2. Oh yes….one delighted person. Enough water in the dam for a few months now. The weather report tonight was not encouraging. Quite warm for the next seven days 😦

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    1. Oh yes……and the markets especially with the fresh local produce. Our towns Twilight Market is starting this week. It’s a pity I can’t get to town. Yes, I also shop for clothes by feel 🙂


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