Let’s look at birds

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Macro or Close Ups

Lisa asked me on my last post what were the names of the birds I posted. I was being lazy and just bunged the birds on the post. So today I’ll do the names of the fabulous Australian birds I have around my place and a few from elsewhere as well.

Willie Wagtail

Easter Yellow Robin

Noisy Friarbird

Bar-shouldered Dove

Grey Shrike Thrush

Rainbow Bee-eater

Royal Spoonbill

Pied Currawong

White-headed Pigeon

Bush-stone Curlew

Silver Gull

Grey Butcherbird

King Parrot feathers

King Parrot

Restless Flycatcher



Tawny Frogmouth

Blue-faced Honeyeater

Rainbow Lorikeet

Sacred Ibis

45 thoughts on “Let’s look at birds

  1. Oh my what wonderful birds! Don’t you wonder who gave them their names? We’ve got a bunch of woodpeckers and all of them have red head. ALL redheads. Partly red heads. Red on the back or the top or the face. Big, middle, and little. But people still persist in calling them red-headed woodpeckers and being surprised when I have to explain that no, that’s a red bellied woodpecker and that’s a Downy woodpecker and that’s a Hairy woodpecker and yes, that IS a red head but there’s only one OFFICIALLY redheaded woodpecker and he’s not the one who looks like Woody Woodpecker, who in any case, is purple.

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    1. Most of mine are quite obvious as the name matches the bird or its habits. I think Kookaburra is aboriginal. The full name is Laughing Kookaburra and it’s sound is just that. That woodpecker thing is confusing


  2. What a fun post, Brian. We were in New Zealand last year and I was constantly Googling the types of birds. Your photos are amazing. If those birds could talk?! I would not want to mess with Silver Gull! Erica

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  3. What a collection! I don’t know which one I love more so I’ll go with all of them. Thank for giving me the names because the only one I’ve ever seen is the Rainbow Lorikeet. I appreciate it very much. 😊

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