30 thoughts on “Kinda fuzzy

      1. Yes but haven’t had any fruit for quite a while. Birds possums and other animals eat them Tried netting but ended up with birds and animals being caught. Quite yummy. Have a Nectarine tree as well.

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      2. Need more water than I can manage at the moment so they are quite small and won’t amount to much. Native mice and rats will sneak into pots lol. I had a mouse and snake skeleton in one net once when I was away for a few weeks and didn’t check the nets for a while. I guess the snake was after the mouse and both got caught :c


      1. Not sure he’d agree with you at this precise moment as he’s grumpy I won’t give him more brekkie!!

        ooh you’re switching over before us, think we have another few weeks to go before we change

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