It’s very close and scary

Jude’s 2020Photo Challenge #38: What’s the POV

This post contains a close up of a spider so if you have any phobias, please close this post to exit and seek help or listen to a bit of music to relax you if you would absolutely dare to go further!

This week's assignment - Shoot your subject from below. Looking up will give the illusion of smallness (the viewer). An upwards angle will make the subject seem much more important.

Thank you brave soul who has ventured into bushboys world. I found this HARMLESS Huntsman Spider in the wood pile. They don’t have webs and rely on their lightning speed to catch their prey. Huntsman Spiders can run at sixteen of their body lengths a second and that’s the slowest one of the 95 Huntsman species found in Australia.

39 thoughts on “It’s very close and scary

  1. Wonderful photo. The lighting in this gives it the look of a wise elder. I can imagine all the little Huntsman gathering around to here stories of lightning speed action! Lol

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  2. That’s an awesome spider and I also like the song. I like spiders — except poisonous ones — and have had a good time watching the sad story of tarantulas on the move, looking for love in early fall. Talk about courage and necessity. I had a tarantula for a while, a sweet little girl named Kinky Boots. I might have written about her.

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    1. Thanks Karina πŸ™‚ I often have a bit of a start when I come across them but more from the fact that I am just tossing and moving things around and I might hurt them


  3. This little old lady, creeping around on hands and knees looking for the perfect POV (for Jude) loves this shot, though the speed at which the spider careers round might alarm me πŸ˜‰

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  4. I do not like huntsmen, in fact I do not like your photo AT ALL, and I had to scroll quickly past as I yelped in fear. As far as I’m concerned, the little buggers must be killed and I must be able to sight the carcass. πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh gosh, that spider close-up is nightmare-worthy! I watched one race around the ceiling like he was on speed, or being chased, the other night πŸ™‚

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