It’s in the feathers

Bird Weekly Photo Challenge: Birds With Green Feathers

Rainbow Lorikeet

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet

King Parrot male then female (updated this morning)

I am sorry to mislead you, this is a juvenile about to change to a male

This is a female taken this morning in my garden at the feeder

Rainbow Bee-eaters

Female Satin Bowerbird

Green Catbird

35 thoughts on “It’s in the feathers

      1. Well I have an idea!
        I was not thinking photography because that is out of my realm of know how!
        But I think some of your writing paired with a photo would be a fantastic book!

        And I like your humbleness – but someone should snag your work because of the quality and the CONTENT!
        But I am
        Glad you are not lusting after a book (or fame) because so many folks that do that have motives that are all over the place.
        Anyhow – your blog on its own will have lasting power for the wildlife and nature you so eloquently capture – and who know what is In store!
        But back to my idea – I will show what I am thinking of – sometime in October/November (just added it to my list of “fun ideas to work on” and it is #7) and so I will email you!
        Because this is the third time I had this idea while visiting you and when the muse shows up a third time it cannot be dismissed again!
        And no worries if you don’t feel in the mood
        But also – don’t be so dismissive of the need for something fresh that only Bushboy can provide – we need fresh books and humans need stories and snippets and photos – because it is what keeps us alive
        It is what keeps us growing and fresh!

        And I have a feeling that your “work” would do very wee
        On kindle!
        I just heard someone recently looking for cheap buys on kindle (not poor quality stuff – but he was skimming titles because he was hungry for fresh reads –
        And that is where I see your book coming in
        Maybe 100 plus pages of info from your blog and put together with some nice coordination and then you could add a few extra snippets (if you want)
        And as a paper back of hardcover – it would make a wonderful bedside reader or coffee table book!
        And we could do this for very little cost – just some labor –
        But please stay open and stop squelching the idea – it might be time amigo

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      2. I like your enthusiasm Yvette. There is 247GB which is over 65,000 photos to choose from. I will wait to see what you come up with in the “October/November (just added it to my list of β€œfun ideas to work on” and it is #7”
        You are a treasure to think of this as well as your own busy life ❀

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      3. Ah I guess these projects are “distractions” I needs to keep my creative side alive!
        I am
        Hoping to paint this week
        Not because I want to but I need a certain piece for a certain spot and I am the certain one to do it! Lol

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      4. And regarding “so many books out there with so many images better than mine”
        Dude! First of all – superlative comparative ?? Um no!
        How do we define this ? It’s subjective, right?
        Also, each and every book out there has a different feel because we are all so different and comparing is like a monkey to a fish!
        Only bushboy has bushboy’s photos

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  1. Absolutely adore your green feathered friends! These are fantastic! In your garden!!! WOW! Female Satin Bowerbird…that eye is incredible! Pretty great gallery of birds this week, Brian! πŸ™‚

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      1. I think there are some wild parrots that I’ve never seen. There are no native parrots though. Lots of Japanese white-eyes here though and they have green feathers. I’d forgotten about them.

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