Pick a Word #1 Sept 2020

The return of my long time favourite photo challenge from Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word

“Now if you forgot how to participate in this photo challenge, read the following:

  • you may choose one or several or all of the provided words and illustrate them in your own photos
  • when you post your entry to this challenge link to my post and/or leave a link to yours in the comment section bellow
  • you may, but are not obligated to, take a widget underneath and display it on your post (blog)
  • the fact that I am using other people’s music by uploading it from my library does not mean that you have to do the same – I just like scores with my images
  • the deadline would be before the next PAW post which is already foreseen for 1 October, but I really do not care about deadlines, so whenever you are ready.”

I am ready to go at last, Here are Paulas words and my photographic interpretation






If you haven’t had a go at Paula’s Pick a Word have a go. You will love this challenge.

27 thoughts on “Pick a Word #1 Sept 2020

    1. Thank Jo πŸ™‚ yes a busyish day getting a few thing cleaned up after my mate came and helped me do lots. I just used the extra hands for projects and said to leave the easy bits like the tidy up so there was more time to help. A bit stuffed now and ready for a Saturday night relax.
      Hope yours is bubbling along nicely. Planning a walk? x


  1. Hi BB – the welcome back song was so nice to feature as Paula has come back..
    also, I only heard the song with the TV show opening so it was cool o see the singer – Sebastian – he seems like a nice dude too –

    and for the photos – nice choices – the rift one was quite unique — and what kind of drink is that in the cuisine photo

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    1. Ahhh Cuisine That was my breakfast a few weeks ago. A BLT and a Flat White Coffee, one of the Australian favourite coffees. I have a coffee machine being so far out of town so I can make a shot of coffee and froth up the cold milk to hot.
      John Sebastion was the lead singer and songwriter for The Lovin’ Spoonfull Hope Paula likes the song too

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  2. You did all 5 and in such a style! The shimmer and composition in your “estival” is so lovely. Appealing “cuisine” and great examples for span and rift. Polr cracked me up and the song touched my heart. Thank you, Brian. xx

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    1. I am so glad you liked my images for your words Paula πŸ™‚ The Cuisine was the breakfast I made for myself a few weeks ago. I am happy the song and it’s words were taken as meant Paula. Yes, welcome back ❀

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  3. I see your name a lot in comments on posts we both follow but it’s the first time I’ve ventured into your blog. I love your photographs (I’ve checked out a few posts) and of the ones above I think I like Instructions best because it made me smile and Estival is just lovely.

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  4. I’d never seen the word ‘estival’ before. I had to look it up (I thought you’d lost an F). Anyway, you picked good photos for it and the other words. The ‘Instructive’ one is very funny.

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    1. I had not seen estival either. Paula finds some quite hard but interesting words at times. This month they weren’t too hard and she supplied the meanings which made it easier. A funny sign is always a good find πŸ™‚

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