Let’s look at spirals

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Spiral

Man made spiral

Natures spiral in the garden – a Frasers Banded Snail an Australian native snail

Spirals at the beach

Another spiral in the garden ready to unfurl to showy brilliance

Or photographic spirals made by me

Man, nature or me…..spirals if you look for them.

27 thoughts on “Let’s look at spirals

  1. Great spirals..I was on my way to bed but now have to go look for some. There’s a LOUD party going in the next house down below me..
    . loud bass on amps, people shouting and screaming constantly, a very off-key karaoke singer. I’ve called security twice but they haven’t appeared.. Guess I may as well just blog all night long.. but this headache!

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