This is July 2020

Well July has been a quite interesting month. I will say now that I am quite well and feeling great. The only sort of downside is I am not allowed to drive which is quite difficult when you live in the bush a fair way from town. The upside is my bestie doesn’t want me to be by myself so we have been together since the start of the month so living in isolation between her place and mine has been easy.

You may wonder what the hell is he talking about! It all started on July the fourth early in the morning. I was asleep so have no recollection of my seizure and consequent trip to hospital in the ambulance where I spent four days. I don’t remember that first day in the Emergency Unit only to say that I had a nurse with me for part of the time as my heart rate dropped to 37. Over the next three days I had all sorts of tests to examine my brain functions and contrary to what some people may think, my brain is quite a good brain with no signs of impairment at all. This is why my posts have been rather sporadic as I have been trying to come to terms with using my phone and small tablet to post. Downloading photos and trying to get them as I want is the hard part. I found a good free photo editing software at last for the tablet. I am sorry I missed a lot of Becky’s Perspective Squares and not many songs get added either.

OK on to what I saw in July

The mornings at my besties have been lovely misty mornings. I did manage to post a few others for Becky’s Squares

The bees were quite busy in July as a Beekeeper put his hives on the dairy farm across the road

Noisy Friarbirds like to call early in the morning. They seem to be the most predominant bird at my place at the moment

The Grevilleas look great in the morning sun. Honey Gem is one of my favourites as it attracts birds and insects

This flower actually looks like a Sun

Despite looking a bit scraggly, this Grevillea get visits from small Honeyeaters

I am not sure what this small native flower is but it has appeared since the fire.

A Blue-faced Honeyeater and a Honey Gem Grevillea are always a winner

A female Figbird was quite curious of what I was doing

The male Figbird has his red eye patch and feather colours at full mating mode in the morning sun

Going for a walk down my road, I saw a different bird in a tree. It was a Collared Sparrowhawk, the first time I have seen one here.

The Superb Fairy Wrens enjoyed the birdbath. See the difference between the female and male

He looks quite lovely with the colours of the Salvia

“Do these feathers make me look fat?” the Double Barred Finch seemed to say

An afternoon at the beach was a good restful way to spend the day. The Pied Oystercatchers think so as well.

A rare opportunity of seeing a Darter swimming underwater in search of a meal.

The pink and grey of a Galah look lovely in the afternoon sun

On an afternoon walk we often see a Pied Cormorant or two on this branch over the creek. This day there were more than ever and was a had to take reflection photo as well.

Above the Pied Cormorants, a pair of Rainbow Bee Eaters were enjoying their afternoon meal.

I did have time to muck about with some photos. These water abstracts are the raw images. I should send them out for Jez’s Water Water Everywhere as well

It is amazing what can be seen from inside a car at a car wash.

Water abstract of a Pelican

I did some black and white photos too. The empty cafe was my favourite

I love water drops

Well I must be going so as I slide down and away here’s a Green Tree Frog to say good bye

I wonder if the cows enjoy sunsets as much as we do?

An almost full Moon during the day is nice to see so it’s goodnight from me and hope you enjoyed a scroll through my July

Also for Su’s Changing Seasons

70 thoughts on “This is July 2020

  1. Good to hear you are feeling better. Beautiful gallery you have posted there. I know what you mean about trying to do a post on a phone or iPad, they just don’t have the same range.

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  2. OMG. Your photos are amazing. I keep saying this, but then they keep being amazing so I have to say it over again. The silhouette of the friarbird was great, but then so were all of the others. The variety of flowers and birds was astounding. So glad you are feeling better. Your seizure obviously had no effect at all on your picture-taking. Do they know what caused it? Stay safe and take care of yourself. We are addicted to your photos and it would inconvenience us to have you out of order!!!

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    1. Thank you ever so much Judy πŸ˜€ there is no rhyme or reason why. I am seeing a neurologist in October for more studies. I am glad of your addiction πŸ˜€β€


  3. Glad to hear you’re doing better again, Brian. I hope your recovery continues apace. Wonderful bird and flower pix, but I have to say I loved the frog and cow photos, also the cafe and the car wash.

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    1. Thanks Sheree πŸ˜€ I am being well looked after but also well enough now to do my fair share especially cooking and making use of my barista skills 😁

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  4. WOW – You weren’t kidding there was a long story about your situation that you didn’t share! I’m so glad to read you’re extra healthy and extra taken care of by your Bestie. I can tell from your delightful selection of photos, you’re brain is functioning well, indeed! PS – thanks for the tour of your July photos, seeing all the lovely birds brightened my day!

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  5. Oh Brian, what a month filled with uncertainty and inconvenience. My husband suffers idiopathic seizures and the no driving thing after an episode can be a huge pain. I’m glad you have great support and company.

    Your pics are lovely…as always I love to see the birds from your corner of the world.

    Hugs and love as you move into August.

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  6. I did love your July photos, Brian. As always, the birds and flower shots are just gorgeous. How about that cheeky double-bar finch? Fabulous shot. I also really liked your water abstracts. But what the heck! Have you been watching too many psychedelic videos? Or maybe some small but toxic creature bit you? Glad your brain is holding up. Look after yourself, Brian.

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  7. Oh my, I see, you’ve had an even more interesting year than the rest of us. I’m glad all has ended well. Just marvellous photos of the birds (that make-me-look-fat caption cracked me up), but my favourite is the sunset cow, the goodbye frog and especially the pelican abstract. Amazing!!

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  8. I’m so sorry to hear about the seizure, that must have been a scary experience. But, I’m so glad that you’re back out there with the camera. Speaking of the camera, I love the picture of the honey gem and the black and white cafe. I was quite taken with your water images, too, especially the car wash one!

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    1. Thanks Susan. Yes an experience I don’t need again. Glad you liked those photos. I have been reading your posts while away from my computer and having to log in to comment has been difficult. I loved the last installment and yes you have made her into one tough woman. The last “Harvey run” was a good way to end. Sorry I haven’t commented but do read your posts ❀

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      1. Fingers crossed that you never have to experience anything like that again.
        Thanks so much for taking the time to read while you’ve been recuperating.
        I’ve had a couple of comments about the logging in thing. I had the same problem on Jez’s yesterday, but once I hit the follow button at the bottom right of his site, it gave me the option to sign in and hasn’t bugged me since.

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  9. Dear Brian, I am so sorry to hear about the seizure, and I am worried. I hope you will recover completely and be allowed to drive again. Your photos are just lovely – even nicer than I remember. Be well and talk soon. xo

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