Be careful out there

The Daily Word Prompt: Caution

Things you could encounter around my place so be cautious when walking around or even just sitting. Click on the images if you dare

This post is also a test run to see if WP have sorted out the photo “problems” I encountered previously

43 thoughts on “Be careful out there

  1. The things I remember most from my visit to Australia were the geckos- which I love, and checking the toilet every time for spiders! Another time in Sydney at dusk we witnessed a swarm, like a moving carpet of cockroaches just ahead of us as we walked by the water. Not a pleasant sight. Oh and the flies around Alice Springs, when we went to Uluru- when you have to wear a net over your face the whole time outside! 😦 I suppose you get used to your native wildlife. The most we get here is the odd fox, and spiders that venture into the house!

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    1. My house has many Gecko living behind most of the pictures on the walls. I am quite used to finding lots of wildlife around my place. Thankfully I have only a few Native Cockroaches but none inside. I hope the memories are good Caryl πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m pretty good with wildlife (spoken like a true Kiwi). It’s my mother who totally flips out. Back in the day, when we moved to NZ we flew through Asia. Those were the days before sky bridges and you got out of planes via steps onto the tarmac. I remember her having a total meltdown in Yangon (Rangoon) because she was convinced there would be snakes on the runway. My dad was soooo embarrassed.

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  2. Bracing start to the morning. Caution is a good idea since you likely wouldn’t know where they were, or if they were inside the house. Well, hopefully you’d spot the big lizard pretty quick if it was in your kitchen.

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