Good Morning and Aperitivo

Terri’s Sunday Stills: The Rise and Set of the Sun

I have been going into the archives of late as my limit of images and words is getting close to full and I don’t want to spend more as I really can’t justify going to the next level. I don’t have enough time to get into my blog and start deleting the old stuff which I really must do. You may wonder why I am rattling on I guess. Well these photo are new ones from the past week.

Why have I titled my post Good Morning, well it is sunrise a almost a week ago when I was at the coast. Sunrise from my place is really boring as I live in a forest and don’t really see a full wonderful sunrise.

and aperitivo? At sunset it is far too early to say good night. Sunset is a lovely time to sit and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine or your favourite drink, and some lovely snacks, light biscuits, crackers, cheese, olives or sun dried tomatoes or capsicum for the naughty like me potato chips or as I have found recently sweet potato chips. So have your glass ready and lets salute the setting sun.

Vale Dame Vera

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  1. I’m good for space for a few years yet since I only do one post a day, but deleting old posts probably isn’t a bad idea. I sometimes reference an older post, but I don’t think people go back very far to look at older posts. Mostly the older ones are referenced in my spam folder! Well done sticking out for your sunrise on the coast, very dramatic clouds.

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    1. Thanks Graham πŸ˜€ someone looked at an old post and said that I should reblog some that no one now-a-days would have seen. I am going to have to start soon

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