Goodbye black birds

The final Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge

It’s been fun trying to get photos of Australian Ravens over the past thirteen weeks. They can be allusive and at first I couldn’t post any Raven photos every week. Suddenly I had an Australian Raven in my garden. This Raven drops in most mornings and struts around the garden giving some photo opportunities. A few mornings ago, when seeing me and the camera, he flew into a tree and complained loudly that I was spoiling the morning garden inspection.

Giving me the eye

The morning shower and sitting on one of the favourite spots – the garden bench

Have to go now. So it’s goodbye to the weekly challenge

27 thoughts on “Goodbye black birds

  1. Magnificent captures! I thought my ravens had left my area until today when I found one about to go into my vegetable garden. At least they’re not dive-bombing Dawson anymore. I think the owl decoys have worked pretty well 🙂

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