The trees are dropping their bark

I have never posted from my own Ragtag prompt before. Is that allowed?? The trees here after the devastating fire are doing the most unusual things. I found this tree on my place, a Grey Gum or Grey Box I think whose bark had sheeted off and landed almost like wings.

An Aussie song that has no association with the photo……please enjoy

14 thoughts on “The trees are dropping their bark

    1. Yes the next layer is there “pushing” the old bark off. As it hasn’t seen the sun or conditions it is whitish. Due to the fires the bark is coming off in bigger than normal pieces.


  1. Bloggers never need permission. I always respond to my own challenges. Though strangely, I usually come up with a challenge and then think of something to write about on my Nan’s Farm site. You’d think it would be the other way around!

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      1. Good one too! I need to think up more ideas, usually, I’m four or five weeks ahead but right now I only have two scheduled and after tomorrow I’m down to one! I’ll work on it over the weekend. πŸ™‚

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