The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #97 – Pastimes

Where to begin. Do I have more than one pastime? That is an easy one to answer, yes.

Did you know I like to photograph nature? Pop “nature” into the search box on my page and maybe you’ll find a few pictures.

Did you know I like to get into the garden? Try garden and see what comes up.

Did you know I enjoy travelling? Travel in the search box may surprise.

Did you know I like cooking? If you search recipe, try one of mine.

Besides all of these, I really enjoy music. As a lot of my posts contain a song which I think is relevant to the theme of the post, a song could be included. A search will bring up too many posts to even think about. I listen to music while writing, cooking or mucking about with my photos. This is playing now

Here is few photos of my music gleaned from older posts
A few of my CD’s190111_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_music_related_cds
Part of my vinyl collection – 45’s and LP’s190111_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_music_related_vinyl
Lots of music magazines191122_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_stacked_music_magazines
as well as books190111_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_music_related_books
Yes I play guitar190910_blog_challenge_guitars_acoustic
One of my first guitars I bought with the money I earned working in a factory while still at school190910_blog_challenge_guitars_electric_splendor
The last guitar I bought190910_blog_challenge_guitars_electric_epiphone

Well there you go. That’s a bit about me and my pastimes

43 thoughts on “Pastimes

  1. Love the peek into your life Brian. I’m a music lover as well although no longer have my albums. I used my college graduation money to buy a Martin guitar for my then-fiancΓ©. My grandmother almost killed me LOL!

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  2. I love the video montage that accompanies this song. Thanks for sharing it. I still have all my old LP’s and 45’s and cassettes. Unfortunately no way to play them. Do you have Her Satanic Majesty’s Request?

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    1. I can still play mine, I forgot the four drawers of cassettes πŸ™‚ My copy of Her Satanic Majesty’s Request is the one with the original with the hologram/3D image on the cover


      1. I also have the white album with half of the cover peeled off because there was a rumor that underneath was a photo of them all in the nude that had been banned–thus the white cover. Ha!

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  3. Splendid images for the challenge! I’m glad to see the Rolling Stones well-represented on the shelf. They were always my favorites when I was a teenager. I remember seeing them play at our local dance hall before they were famous. I was the only one standing there watching them and I recall going home and telling my parents that I had just seen a great band that I thought would really be going places. You have a nice collection of guitars too. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge.

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    1. I am a Rolling Stones nut. Have all their LP’s on vinyl as well a s bootlegs, most of the 45’s all the CD’s released plus the limited editions. Books, videos… much. Have only seen the once. Glad it was the right thing for your theme Sue ❀

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      1. Absolutely! Just a couple of quick Stones anecdotes; Even my old dad liked them although he was typically a Dixieland jazz fan but I remember my uncle coming over from New Zealand for a visit and almost bursting a blood vessel when he saw them on tv as he thought they were disgusting. Mick Jagger used to shop for fish where my ex worked in London. I remember him telling me how he saw Mick wearing a fur coat in there once. Not something you saw men doing too much in those days.


      2. That’s great. My youngest daughter “discovered” the Stones probably with my playing them a bit in the car and at home. One of her bedroom walls was a shrine to Keef πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      3. I’ve seen the Stones twice, once in Manchester, and once in Johannesburg.
        I have a vinyl bootleg of their Nicaragua benefit concert at the LA Forum!

        Is that an Epiphone guitar? And a Fender amp as well?

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  4. I don’t know what happened to my old LP’s and 45’s. I left them behind when I moved from New Jersey to here in Florida. Parents had a big yard sale when they moved, so someone out there is the proud owner of a lot of good music.

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  5. I sold most of my albums and CDs when I moved to Hawaii, though I still have the digital versions. Music is a good pastime though. I think it’s the most universal language – don’t have to understand the words to appreciate it.

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  6. enjoyed seeing your geetars and gear!
    and I enjoyed half the song as I paused in the post – and it was enjoyable to move through the post with the song and then have th inside look into the CD’s and records and books and then the guitars – πŸ™‚

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