Behind the facade

Photo for the week – 68 – Facade

He builds the walls
decorates the room
His creation for her
a place to dance
a stage to perform
Will she like what she sees
Is this the man for her
Can she see deep into his being
and find a way into
his heart
or is this a facade
a temporary construct
of a blue fantasy


This is an actual Satin Bowerbird’s bower on my place. When I found this one I was just amazed at the number of blue things he had found to decorate the bower. I am not sure what the love heart came from or where many of the objects were collected as I know they weren’t from my place, except a blue peg or two perhaps.

41 thoughts on “Behind the facade

    1. That sounds like a good plan Jo πŸ™‚ Do tell of M’s response. Once it is blue it is then you tell him he must dance.
      This is a young Bowerbird at a practice bower I filmed a few years ago

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  1. the heart is sure a special discovery and that is a lot of blue – and enjoyed the video you shared with restless jo – nice to hear the sounds of the bower and see the action

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      1. I like right where it was.
        also, because I have been in a different blog mode – I might have missed the flow – you know – there are times I have to come back for a song or whatnot –
        anyhow, it worked well on my end amigo

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