57 thoughts on “Goodnight

      1. Years ago, I was taking part in one of those ‘Day in the life’ photo events and, the day before, went out to scout some night shots including getting the full moon perched atop the clock tower. So I went out the next night around the same time and was shocked to discover that the moon was nowhere near the tower. Seems like I had forgotten something!

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      2. I do that all the time. Or thinking, I take a photo of that next time when I have more time or the light is better, and there is no next time because whatever it was is gone for good.

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  1. Wonderful capture Brian, I love that orange light. April here is exiting as though it were March! (Like a lion) Hailstones and rain throughout the night and strong gusty winds now, but the sun is shining so I might brave it to pot up some young seedlings that have just arrived.

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      1. Long past your bedtime . . . sorry I have been so late popping by. Got loads of work on today and have been juggling conference calls. Catch up properly tomorrow x

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      2. I did a bit but I had to. It has been a big week, I now have solar panel, solar hot water and air-con. Tradies clopping on the roof and climbing under the house and me keeping an eye from the garden, weeding and planting, digging holes and a marathon mowing the bottom paddock this afternoon πŸ™‚


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