Walking around the garden

Tracy’s Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge 6

Remember previous conversations about hearing the Australian Ravens around my place but not being able to get a good photo. Well a couple of days ago, a Raven was casually strolling around the garden in the late afternoon. So as not to frighten the Raven off I took a few photos through the kitchen window as the casual stroll. Yesterday, the Raven was again walking around the garden. Perhaps it does a garden stroll everyday and I just don’t see it.

Here is the allusive Raven walking around the garden.

20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (3)
What was that?20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (1)
Oh, it’s only you.20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (2)

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