Walking around the garden

Tracy’s Corvid 2020 Weekly Challenge 6

Remember previous conversations about hearing the Australian Ravens around my place but not being able to get a good photo. Well a couple of days ago, a Raven was casually strolling around the garden in the late afternoon. So as not to frighten the Raven off I took a few photos through the kitchen window as the casual stroll. Yesterday, the Raven was again walking around the garden. Perhaps it does a garden stroll everyday and I just don’t see it.

Here is the allusive Raven walking around the garden.

20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (3)
What was that?20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (1)
Oh, it’s only you.20200428_blog challenge_corvid 2020_australian raven_home (2)

Moon Goddess

I have posted some poems lately and have received lovely comments. I have posted this one before but it is close to the anniversary when it was first written.

This time is for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #230: Moon


The moon
full and bright,
in my garden
casts shadows among the trees –
I thought I saw
you there
dancing –
a woman of beauty,
a moon goddess.

Moonbeams casting
landing on petals,
shining on my skin,
entering my being
enveloping my heart
making it race,
distracting my thoughts
so I think of nothing
but her,
dancing in my garden,
lighting my life.

I shall sit here –
awaiting her come near
that I might steal a kiss,
my arms
encircle her waist
drawing her to me,
to feel her warmth,
her goddess fullness –
a moment of passion
to believe that
the dancing in the shadows
is not a dream,
a dream of beauty,
a dream of
my moon goddess –
casting her beams
throughout my garden

Waiting for breakfast

Day twenty-eight of Becky’s Square Top Photo Challenge

2020428_blog challenge_top_gulls_railing_lunch1

The full photo of the Gulls on the railing waiting for the people at the resort having breakfast to leave. On more than one occasion, a Gull would swoop in on a meal. A woman put her plate down and went to get a coffee. Bad move. A couple of Gulls in and out with her breakfast. The staff would try to deter the Gulls but back they came, even ignoring the fake Owl near the buffet.

2020428_blog challenge_top_gulls_railing_lunch