Light or dark

Debbies One Word Sunday: Division

Into the light
into the dark
the door is shut
dare you open it
the door is shut
into the dark
into the light.

20200426_blog_challenge_ows_division_art gallery_doors

Stay in the dark
head to the light
the door will open
it’s what you want
the door will open
head to the light or
stay in the dark.


The Doors of You

A post I wrote a long time ago and has been sitting in draft. This was written for a lover many years ago. I think I was going to add photos but never quite found just the right ones. The feature door is a door in Lismore

I want to walk through
the doors that are you,
To seek and discover
each room of you.

The gaily coloured door
of enjoyment and fun,
to laugh, sing and dance
then fall on the floor
in mirthful bliss.

Through the beige door
of ordinary and plain,
to marvel at what to you is
the simple and mundane.

To the dark door
of your fears and despair,
shine the light of
my pure heart
let fear know that I am there.

Let the blue door
of sadness
rain a thousand tears
on my heart,
cry together – hold safe
’till sunshine appears.

Through the red door
that is woman,
to softly kiss
and gently caress,
ride waves of passion
’till flung on the shore
exhausted and satisfied
once more.

To the door that is so white
the door of your soul
where I will not intrude,
but knock
and let your soul
know that comfort
sits outside….waiting for need.

Out through the backdoor
into your garden
to frolic among
your flowers,
to sing
with your birds,
to dance
with the butterflies,
and to sit and wait…….
to see if the door
to your heart
will open a bit
that I may glance inside…