When I was a kid…..

…..my mum used to send me to the corner shop down the end of our street with a ten-bob note. I’d bring back half a dozen eggs, 2 pints of milk, a loaf of unsliced bread, a 5lb sack of potatoes and as a treat, a small paper bag with lollies for me.

You can’t get all of that for ten bob now-a-days…….

Too many cameras.

25 thoughts on “When I was a kid…..

  1. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ My Dad is always talking about his barefoot days…when he was always hungry..one of six children whose Father died age 38 leaving their Mother to struggle to feed them all. He used to roller skate past the grocers and grab an egg each time he passed by. I wondered though, how did they afford roller skates? haha Maybe from his older sisters before their Dad died. He has so many wonderful stories of those days from the 1930’s.Not very PC today!

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