Teddy Bear on top

Day twenty-four of Becky’s Square Top Photo Challenge

Are you confused by another ambiguous post title?

2020424_blog challenge_top_teddy bear bee_flower_pentas_jackadgery

This lovely little Australian Native Bee is called a Teddy Bear Bee. Isn’t that the most fabulous name

Grandfathers tool box

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge Week 16: Tighten Up (helpful tools)

I have been meaning to write about Grandfathers tool box for quite a while and never got around to doing a post.

My grandfather made the tool box that held his tools of trade.

toolbox_grandfathers_named_home_jackadgery_sept 2019

My Grandfather was born in 1875. His occupation was a Wheel Wright. A Wheel Wright makes carriages, buggies and other horse drawn wagons. I have some faint recollections of my Grandfather taking me to the cornershop walking down the street holding my hand. I was quite small as Grandfather died when I was 4, seven days after my birthday.

toolbox_grandfathers_tools_named_home_jackadgery_sept 2019

In my fathers workshop, there was an old toolbox where all manner of woodworking tools were kept. Some of the tools had grandfathers initials on them JRTD. When my father passed away, grandfathers tool box came to me complete with his tools and some of my dads.

toolbox_grandfathers_tools1_named_home_jackadgery_sept 2019

toolbox_grandfathers_tools2_named_home_jackadgery_sept 2019

I still go into the tool box to get some of those old tools to use on my projects in the shed. Having these tools, my hands holding the tools my grandfather and father held, working the wood gives my lots of joy.

When I was a kid…..

…..my mum used to send me to the corner shop down the end of our street with a ten-bob note. I’d bring back half a dozen eggs, 2 pints of milk, a loaf of unsliced bread, a 5lb sack of potatoes and as a treat, a small paper bag with lollies for me.

You can’t get all of that for ten bob now-a-days…….

Too many cameras.