The Ragtag Daily Prompt Sunday: Swiss

My only visit to Switzerland was a refuel stop over in the middle of the night. I wandered the limited part of Zurich airport I was allowed to walk. I found one shop open and bought some delicious Swiss Chocolate.

I know very little about the people and their culture but their flag is a big plus.

swiss flag - Motosha

The long road home

The 2020 Photo Challenge #16: Being Creative With Lines

“This week’s assignment – Converging lines. These convey a sense of depth and distance, try to have something of interest at the point where they appear to meet. Or position them on the diagonal to infer motion.”

Just a few examples from the roads travelled to get home



180828_blog challenge_counrty road_the gorge

180707_blog challenge_which way_five roads






What is it?

The Weekly Photo Challenge 2 – What is it?
For my first attempt, I made it easy20200419_blog challenge_what is it_tractor (1)

Have a guess and leave an answer in comments. The answer will be revealed tomorrow

“Following  on from last month’s random challenge What is it?  Interested bloggers asked if we were intending to repeat the challenge. Having already toyed with the idea, GC and I are giving ‘What is it?’ another airing. It will of course depend on the popularity as to whether it remains a regular mid-month challenge.

How does it work?

No rules as such, simply publish part of a photograph that will leave your readers wondering what it could be. Alternatively, share a piece of writing but leave us guessing about the object/subject, simply give us clues.

Still unsure how to take part? To see an example check out my Nan’s Farm response.

Stretch the challenge to suit you. Words or Pictures, no deadlines and no rules  – Enjoy!

To Take Part: Include our site name and create a pingback by using the page URL or copy the link above. If unsure how to create a pingback – check out our How-To section.”