Time for afternoon tea

The invitation has been sent out so come on in and enjoy afternoon tea so it’s time to get ready. Su has put the kettle on so let’s get over to Su’s place for our blogshpere afternoon tea

I am doing well in my isolation as I am isolated most of the time out here in the Australian bush. Plenty to do to pass the time, never bored or lonely.

Last afternoon tea mention was made of an Aussie/NZ afternoon tea specialty, especially for kids and those kids at heart, the fabulous Fairy Bread. I was asked to make some for this weeks afternoon tea. Hope you are ready to enjoy a taste treat.

20200416_blog challenge_afternoon tea_fairy bread (1)

20200416_blog challenge_afternoon tea_fairy bread (2)

I didn’t make my Fairy Bread true to tradition as I don’t have soft white bread here, mine is made on sourdough, a bit hipster but there you go.

I hope the sugar hit isn’t too much