Spirits are all around…..

…..if you look hard enough.

Terri’s Sunday Stills: Lifted Spirits

Unlike Terri’s husband πŸ˜‰ I don’t have a spirits cabinet or any bottles either empty or full and my spirits are nearly always lifted as I enjoy my life and bushboys world.

Over the years I have tried to get images of spirits, ghosts, apparitions, phantoms or spectres. These are the ones I have found
Some are in treestree_old_axe cut_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
Some in the waterghost face_named_grafton_august 2015
Apparitions can appear out to seaship_ghost_named_brunswick heads_sept 2018
Trees have many spirits that reside withintree-face_named_-sept-2016

Spirits can appear as unknown lights
ghost room_named_august 2015
or a face at a windowlooking-out-of-the-window_named_home_nov-2016
but often I find Ghost Spiders in the gardencrab_spider_ghost_leaf_garden_named_home_nov 2018

24 thoughts on “Spirits are all around…..

  1. You went with the ghost spirit theme, Brian! I almost went that way but kept it more general! Your spirit images are amazing and sure lifted mine. It’s crazy how many faces we can see in objects! I think the liquor cabinet spirits are calling me for a gin & tonic!

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        1. Thank you! I’ve an old PowerShot SD800 digital elph I stopped using in favour of my phone, but have been thinking of replacing it. If you don’t mind my asking, what model d’you have & are you pleased with it?

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        2. Not at all. The latest one I have is a SX70HS. I am more than pleased with it. Sometimes on auto focus it will do not what I want ie background instead of subject or foreground instead. I haven’t full used all the functions. Hand held night shooting is good. Good video too. Not expensive for a great compact camera

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