This week Jez’s Fan of is Rivers
Upstream the river show signs of peaceful tranquility20200322_blog challenge_river_clarence river_carnham_upstream
Near my place, the Clarence River flows serenely under the bridge190222_blog_challenge_which_way_lilydale
Occasionally the river turns into a raging tumult 180914_blog challenge_water_clarence river_lilydale
The bridge disappears for weeks and sometimes a month or morelilydale bridge_floodwater
Returning once more to a steady flow giving life to all along its path180307_forces_lilydale04
In town the boats await their owners180305_blog challenge_muted_clarence river
and finally to the delta to wait until the morning
170601_bandw letters_y_yatch01

or head out to sea to bring in the nights catch at dawn171230_blog challenge_s colours_water_fishing boat


21 thoughts on “Rivers

  1. That’s a wild river in flood. That bridge must be pretty solid to withstand that on a regular basis. I take it you don’t live too close to the river bank.

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    1. It does get a good amount of water flowing in flood, around one million megaliters a day. The bridge is low so any logs being washed downriver won’t bash into the bridge. The old wooden bridge was there for over fifty years. I live a fair way from the river.

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