Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge #14: Being Creative With Lines

I have a number of photos with lines, thanks to Becky’s Square Photo Challenge, so I sneak a few in here at the end if they fit Judes brief.

Lines, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, diminished, implied so many lines.

Do these fit? What do you think?

20200408_blog challenge_lines_stairs_tasmania

180614_blog challenge_columns_vertical lines_collonade_bologna

180426_blog challenge_lines_hallway

171113_blog challenge_crossed lines_brisbane hospital


191024_blog_challenge_square_line_railway_tracks (4)


Also Brens Photo for the Week: Leading

14 thoughts on “Lines

  1. Lots of lines here Brian – are you posting them all in one go for the month? I’m still struggling with a couple of weeks, not being able to go far has really put the kibosh on this challenge. Oh, well, I shall have to dip into the archives for yet another month. Hope you are still keeping well out there!

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    1. I many do some dribs and drabs Jude over the month. I’ll have to draw the line somewhere 🙂 I love going into the archives…..ahhhh the memories 🙂 All is fab in my little part of the world. Sounds like over there is being hit hard

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Friday for you and you’re finally up and about and now it’s my turn to go to bed even though it’s a little early – 10:30 PM here. Goodnight Brian 🙂

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