Raven in hiding

Corvid – 2020 Weekly Challenge #2

The Australian Raven. The only Corvid I have around here, Corvus coronoides, and not have many photos but I am going to play the game as intended. Usually see so many around but they can be shy and reclusive so it’s a game of spot the Raven.

australian raven_hiding_named_grafton_sept 2017

22 thoughts on “Raven in hiding

  1. oh wow to see ravens regularly how amazing . . . plenty of crows and jackdaws here but ravens are a rare sighting these days. Have seen them in Portugal, but in England best place to go is The Tower of London to see them!

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    1. I follow the ravens at the Tower on Twitter. Australia doesn’t have Crows all are Ravens….about five different ones. There are possibly two different species that are around here but nearly always Aust Ravens. They even have a nest in a tree near the house

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      1. Inspiration has struck with an old photo and the song which inspired me to do a post. “talking” to you always is a pick me up Becky. Hold onto your hat, the song is a classic Aussie one that needs to be played LOUD. Hope Mr B is awake xxx

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