I am liking lots


This is something that has just started to happen. Some blogs I often go to have a look at have already been liked by me BEFORE I actually open their blog site. It is not very blog but a handful. I haven’t written down those that it happens with as yet.

I haven’t changed any settings or rules and I thought if I did it would apply to every blog post in my reader.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know what I can do to stop this happening?

Your help would be appreciated

18 thoughts on “I am liking lots

  1. Yes. They are reposting content you have already seen and liked. It’s not a new, copied post ~ it’s the same post they changed the time stamp on so it would reappear in the reader. Some folks do this all the time. I was thinking of unfollowing someone over it, except I really like her!

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    1. That’s one explanation Paula. Some of these are new posts that I have received an email notification.
      I didn’t know that could be done. Well that’s a new thing for me
      Thanks for writing back

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  2. I haven’t had that problem. Mine is that I am unable to ” like” but it is not consistent. I find it frustrating because people will not know their work has been read/viewed and appreciated. Ping Toh thought it might be that I have popup blocker…but then I don’t know why sometimes the like button works and sometimes it doesn’t….Ah, thanks for listening, this certainly didn’t help you with your difficulties!

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