19 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

      1. It is almost essential services that are open, supermarkets, some food shops, pharmacies, cafe & restaurants are take away only. Most don’t accept cash, card only. Schools are open in some states as school holidays start at the end of this week.


  1. They closed the beaches here in Florida, too. We get a lot of college kids on spring break down here. Between drinking and beaching, it was all down hill. Bars and restaurants closed first, then beaches. College kids grumbled it was not fair…what in the heck are they taught in school???

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    1. I saw a video of the kids in Florida for their Spring Break whinging that they paid for a holiday and are going to have a holiday and get drunk and enjoy themselves as it’s not a worry.


      1. I agree although I don’t think they were drunk at the time, well not all of them, they just feel bulletproof. I think arrogant and ignorant they are


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