Get ready to run

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #88: Chaos

A casual stroll
the leaves crackle
Watching birds
the sky above
A stop to see
up there
Unaware below
near the feet
They sense intruders
this is theirs
Looking down
a tingle sends
Here they come
from the nest
Quick move away
running in

jumping ant nest3_home_jan2012

180222_face in the crowd_jumping ants

17 thoughts on “Get ready to run

    1. Thank you Tina 🙂 A bite from the Jumping Ants, and they can jump along way and high, is more than an itch, it is like having hot needles poked into your skin. My property name Durranbah is indigenous for small jumping ants

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      1. The place had lots more when I first moved here so their proliferation named itself. If a nest is too close to the house I’ll politely ask them to move 😀 😀


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