Patterns number2

Jude would enjoy seeing your Patterns

I did have a struggle as I have some that I like and wanted to show something that is almost but not quite. What do you think?

20200227_blog challenge_pattern_flower_bauhinia_leaves

or are these better
A Caper White Butterfly on a Pentas flowercaper-white-butterfly_named_home_nov-2106
or a flower spike from an aloe 180819_blog challenge_everyday moments_agave flower01


or two loving Wrenssuperb fairy wrens_named_lookout_mallanganee_nov 2018

I can’t decide. Have I patterns?

14 thoughts on “Patterns number2

  1. Lovely, and thoughtful- that’s the object of the exercise, isn’t it? Your wrens are beautiful and I like the aloe too. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I spent a bit of time playing with this theme yesterday, but wasn’t sure I wanted to publish the results. Have a great weekend, Brian!

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      1. I don’t get out all that much and when I do I am keen to get home again. I am more of a nature bloke and I should get out of my comfort zone and give other stuff a go I guess

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  2. I think for this particular exercise the background has to be the main pattern with the subject being almost indistinct. Here your photos concentrate on the subject and the background is not the main feature. Have a look at Sue Judd’s photos and you’ll see what I mean. No criticism, mine were not the best choice, and I am happy to see you taking part. The aim of this challenge is to test myself and others, I think this particular one was very testing! Hope you’ll join me with the textures, I think March will be a little easier!

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      1. And I thank you for your input Brian, comments as well as participation. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some textures for March. This week’s task was particularly difficult so good on you for attempting it πŸ‘

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