A sweet future

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #83: Future
Terri’s Sunday Stills: #Sweet

Since the fire, I have been putting out food for the Red-necked Wallabies and anyone else who was hungry. A while ago I noticed one of the females pouch was getting bigger and eventually a Joey poked their head out (Jump for Joy) and the update

This morning a Red-necked Wallaby hopped in to the garden. I have seen her before as she was one of the regulars who came for food. Today, I noticed her pouch was a bit squirmy and yes she also has a Joey.

20200211_blog challenge_future_red necked wallaby_joey2_garden_home


20200211_blog challenge_future_red necked wallaby_joey_garden_home

As the Wallabies have Joeys, it points to a good season ahead. When the years are not that good as the past 2 – 3 years have been, there hasn’t been many young around. During hard times, Wallabies won’t produce young.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for others now. Having a photographic record I should be able to identify the females and those who have young.

40 thoughts on “A sweet future

      1. Australia has such interesting animals. I remember the delicacy of the calls of the bellbirds, the deafening swarms of galahs. The platypus, koala, wallaby, kookaburra, kangaroo. What have I forgotten? Funnel web spiders!!!

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      1. So good to look out from my office and see green instead of blackened trunks and brown lifeless leaves. Not having to lug watering cans and buckets around the garden is a relief


      2. Getting better health wise is good as well. There is lots of work to do in the bush…..clearing fallen trees from tracks and start cutting the huge amount of ready firewood for winter. Get on top of weeds before they get out of control again would be wonderful. Care to drop over and pull out some weeds – wellies and gloves supplied ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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