How did that happen

I don’t normally take notice of my stats but when WP send you this


Congratulations on getting 1,000 total follows on bushboys world!
Your current tally is 1,001.
(I just popped into the stats and there is now 1,012. How does that happen?)
I just go wow. Thanks to everyone who has bravely come to look at some of the stuff I post. There is a few “corporates” among the real folk but I guess they like my tags lol
I also missed another “milestone” You have been subjected to 2,116 posts and I didn’t even celebrate number 2,000
Thank you everyone for your comments and for appreciating some of the stuff I post from bushboys world.
To quote a famous world champion Australian boxer, Jeff Fenech
“I love youse all”
A bit more of Australian music from eons ago

51 thoughts on “How did that happen

      1. I think is what you tag a post, with that a robot somewhere goes “Hell yeah, follow them and maybe they come to our website and buy stuff” One recently tried to sneak in a spam site, Dog Brain Train. Not having a dog I wondered where they came from. Surprisingly the website didn’t exist

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    1. You know more about the City Stompers than I do Amanda. A Melbourne cabaret act that never made it to Sydney or if they did I was too young lol


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