Worldwide Plight

Beckys square photo challenge: Light

20200128_blog challenge_light_plight_barcelona

Come on over to Becky’s and join in the fun
Here’s the rule:
All you really need remember about this photographic challenge is that a square is a rectangle with four equal sides!
Yes the photo format is Square. Look on your camera setting before you get totally inspired and set it to 1:1 There you have it Square Format. If you forget crop your image to Square

35 thoughts on “Worldwide Plight

  1. The number in the part of London we were in over the weekend was distressing. Our government seems oblivious to them, and of course the number we see are only the tip of the iceberg once you start to add in the thousands of couch surfers

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    1. That photo was taken a few years ago in Barcelona. Even the numbers in my little town is staggering. Most governments world wide just try to hide the homeless. Out of sight out of mind

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  2. Fabulous song . . .just love their music and voices. Apparently #Bridge over troubled water’ was first played 50 years ago this week!

    PS A concert I wished I had been at!Not that i was really aware of them though when it occurred, tad young!

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      1. I’m noticing the visible face of homelessness more and more here, and not just in the cities. And of course, as Becky says, what we see is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m starting to feel that I’m living in a Dickens novel.

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      2. Friends of mine run a charity that delivers bedding and clothing to families in need. Some of the horror stories they hear about the “homes” people have to live in are just heart-breaking. And those people aren’t considered homeless!

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  3. This is a thought provoking take on the challenge. It is distressing to see so many people on the streets, both here in the UK and when we were living in California. However… a friend of mine volunteers with a homeless shelter in the winter time here in England and, despite the availabilty of help to find accommodation and work, some of the people she sees actively choose to remain homeless. I was very surprised to hear that.

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