Tourist – Pic & Word Challenge

Patrick’s Pic and a word Challenge #217: Tourists

Inspired by Patricks post I have modified his words and used my image just for fun

camels_sand_dunes_harbour_beach_july 2019

Yea, though I ride
Through this valley of death
I will fear no hardship
Among these many tourists with me
My camel and cameleer comfort me
I shall return to the car park
Where my rent-a-car awaits
Or find solace on an Australian beach
Just over there
And swim between the flags.

*image – Stockton Beach Australia



13 thoughts on “Tourist – Pic & Word Challenge

  1. Hah! All you needed was a fried out combie coming down over the horizon and it would’ve been perfect! 😉

    Given that I’d already plagiarized and bastardized an old biblical chestnut, a remash wash justified. 🙂

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