The Hoya flower

Bren’s Photo for the Week: Abstract

20200127_blog challenge_abstract_flower_hoya

Bren had instructions for Photoshop to alter your image. I use Corel PaintShop Pro 2020.

My image is a Hoya flower (Hoya carnosa)

20200127_blog challenge_abstract_flower_hoya_unchanged

1. I cropped to just the flower
2. Opened Reflection Effects
3. Chose Kaleidoscope
4. Chose number of petals – 20
5. Radial suction – 10
6. Edge mode – reflect

Hope you liked my abstract Hoya



18 thoughts on “The Hoya flower

  1. Hey buddy, just catching up on your posts, and as usual they are all awesome 👏, and some thoughts very much provoked with your square light posts. Great creative effect with your abstract; reminds me of the kaleidescope tube I had as a kid! 😁

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    1. Thanks Jez. I have been doing a catch up as well. I am not home and trying to do stuff on the tablet. I don’t usually get political but when I saw someone use plight that photo came to mind. I was in two minds whether to use it or not.
      I love using kaleidoscope effect. I had one too 😀😀

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