Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Plastic

Where to begin
a plastic bin
filled with
humans left
on the beach
washed in on
the tide
from ships at sea
collected by us
the bucket
a handy find
a toilet seat
blew my mind
A lost toy
sad little boy
Sorry little boat
no longer to float
into the bin
never seen again
seagul flying_named_cabarita beach_march 2015
The beach
a place for
us and the birds
not you
you dirty turds
Enjoy the beach
but please
you bought it down
take it back to town
little tern_named_south ballina beach_may 2018
and we
in tern
will thank you.


16 thoughts on “Plastic

  1. I love the opening shot, Brian. Great positioning of the toilet seat – for both composition, and to tell us that a man had been there ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    I enjoyed your poetic appeal, too, and that was a great Brian-style ending, with a pun.

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    1. That’s what happens when an artist and photographer start staging and setting up a shot. Seat down wasn’t as effective as it hid the contents too much ๐Ÿ˜€
      Glad you liked the words Debbie ๐Ÿ™‚ and the song?


  2. Clever and to the point. I am battling with plastic at the beachfront too. I hope folks will step up with their responsiblity for taking away their own rubbish. It is really very simple and so effective in helping the environment.

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      1. Indeed. Take your dunny seat back home with you! Jokes aside, you are absolutely right. It is not difficult! Lately, I have been finding lots of polystyrene – the sort they use on concrete waffle slabs for house constructions. ( It is a new estate)….

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      2. I have to agree that they are pretty messy and have a lackadaisical attitude. Some don’t even order a skip bin, but simply tie together four pieces of reinforcing, making a open weave basket for cast-offs. You can imagine the consequences in a high wind area like ours. ….The developer should ban them.

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      3. So many regulatory bodies need to have a good look at themselves. I see builders off cut that go into skips and know that I or any Mens Shed or workshop could make use of that. Better recycling needs to be enforced as just asking builders to do stuff is a waste of time. They are (mostly) useless men

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      4. Living in a new estate you either feel completely shocked and disgusted at the level of throw outs and waste – or you see it as a free tree stake/random timber pieces offered to the community as a free for all. Some folks call it dumpster diving – but we had a cedar outdoor ceiling replaced
        and the old cedar splintered here and there so they could not re-use it – so in the skip it went! We now have some beautiful pot stands my hubby ( aka The MotH) and I think you might guess what they are made of?
        There are signs in various spots around reminding folks that stealing from sites (including skip bins) is a crime and to report it. Surely the building industry could do better? They threw a brand new door in our skip bin – must have been excess to requirements… a new door!!!

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      5. I think of a crime of disposing of good stuff that could be reused is a crime. Throw them in the bin!!! When K was having her place renovated the young blokes were great at re-using or leaving in piles for me to take what I wanted. No skip bins allowed. Most of what couldn’t be used went into the usual garbage collection. Just dropped into the older post. You were right to get it changed. I bet the builder was pleased with the result Too

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      6. I vacillated about that decision. It wasn’t environementally sound was it, but then again, we salvaged as much of that timber as we could and it now adorns the balcony and the floor of the alfresco area as pot stands and kept the MotH busy for a few days! I wonder how we could lobby builders to do better – they are probably happy with the current arrangement.

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