Afternoon Delight: A food fight

Beckys square photo challenge: Light

20200114_blog challenge_light_food fight

Come on over to Becky’s and join in the fun
Here’s the rule:
All you really need remember about this photographic challenge is that a square is a rectangle with four equal sides!
Yes the photo format is Square. Look on your camera setting before you get totally inspired and set it to 1:1 There you have it Square Format. If you forget crop your image to Square

45 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight: A food fight

  1. Fantastic song, I could have been singing this yesterday! Not sure this afternoon is going to be such a delight however will play this to myself again later so hopefully it will be more of a delight than it otherwise would have been!

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      1. My Wednesday. Daughter and partner coming over to help out do a bit around the place. Enjoy finding those new muscles at Pilates. My physio made me quite sore yesterday but on the improve.

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      2. Enjoy their company and make sure they do all the heavy stuff, or at least everything that involve bending and stretching!!

        Sore after physio is not great but good you are on the mend. I have not dared tell my muscles yet we are going back in tomorrow!

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      3. It’s all about releasing the tight muscles and getting a bit more flexibility as well as lots of stretching which helps lots.
        Yes the things I can’t do or need help doing is on the list. It might even rain so indoor jobs planned as well πŸ™‚

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  2. Okay bB
    That song brought back the essence of growing up…
    Just know the tune from radio play and maybe it was played in the “love boat” show once –
    And the food fight photo with the sparkle sunlight and the colored light with the action of the water –
    And the other birds doing their thing –
    This is my fav of your squares so fat – it is only day 14 – but number 1
    For moi

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      1. Well it is always subjective so you might think other photos are one two or three and they might me last to me – ya know?
        And maybe this photo resonated more because of the originality too – fresh after holiday season and I have seen so many city shots and structures – hmmmm

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