Pic and Word Challenge #214 – Inferno

The helicopters
give warning
The inferno
is about
helicopters_two_durranbah_blog_fire_post_dec 2019
thick smoke
pack and gosmoke_house_close_durranbah_blog_fire_post_dec 2019
The inferno
swept by winds
escapesmoke_lilydale_durranbah_blog_fire_post_dec 2019
Orange sunsets
tell a tale
fear running
the inferno191023_blog_challenge_sunset_tree_fire_orange

Also Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Hope

30 thoughts on “Inferno

  1. Hard to imagine, but your story brings the inferno closer to understanding. The firefighters are brave and good people. And the internet is filled with hurting koalas and wallabies. My heart goes out to all of you, all living things, your beautiful country. Inferno – Hope

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    1. It is a strange time I am going through Ann-Christine. I am unable to watch the news and I have to flick through social media I cannot bear to see so many images of burnt animals and of fire. It will take time but this land will heal. I appreciate your caring and love

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  2. We’ve had some awful wildfire years in my home province of British Columbia… so some of your images bring back memories of those days, though I rather think even our worst fire years were not nearly so catastrophic as yours. Still, I know the eerie and dreadful surreality of the experience, its oppressiveness. All of which you’ve captured here.

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      1. Thank you for considering that, but no traumas for me… just sort of a disturbing awe at the sheer oppressive force nature sometimes takes on.

        Writing is one of my avenues for healing, too. Reading is another. So thank you for sharing your process with us, as we all heal a little along with you.

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      1. No, I’ve been through, it’s horrible. I wonder how the aged get on now, it’s too late for many to start again, and for me the whole of nature, sigh. Hope you have supports.

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