16 thoughts on “Candlelight

    1. I was going to make one but hey you’ve done one so lets go with that 🙂 Sorry I didn’t really get time to do something wonderful for the first one this time. Things are a bit topsy turvy around here at the moment. Hope youy had a great New Years party xx


      1. As long as you are safe that is all that counts, and will totally understand if some days you cannot join us.

        We don’t worry too much with celebrating New Year, and to be honest the only reason i saw it in was because of the number of fireworks. Cat isn’t that keen!

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      2. All is ok it’s just the mental and now the physical that’s not getting it all together at the moment. Didn’t even make it to midnight last night.
        Thanks for being a great friend 💕💕


      3. Nothing wrong with not making it to midnight. Continue to take care of yourself, and hope you and everyone else in Australia has a break from it all soon xxxx

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