Favourite photos for 2019

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #77: Favourite Photos for 2019

This is quite difficult for me to pick my favourite photos for 2019 so I decided to find your favourites.

silvereye_honeygem grevillea_named_home_may 2018




180828_blog challenge_sculptures_black and white_rods



plane_parachute_lismore air show_named_july 2018

sun_sky_fence_post_sihouettte_sunset_fire_named_caniaba_sept 2019


red-necked wallaby_female_drinking_named_home_jackadgery_nov 2019


Thanks for dropping by and having a look at my world in 2019. The last 3 months have been quite trying for my culminating in the fire that consumed my place with only my home and the drought ravaged garden being left unburnt.

In 2020 there will be photos of the re-birth of Durranbah I am sure.

47 thoughts on “Favourite photos for 2019

  1. Hi, Brian. I didn’t realize your place was also scorched. I’m so sorry. The fires are devastating this year. Our friends in Sydney tell us that they can’t go out because of the smoke. But…as for your photos, I love how you selected your fans’ favorites. Great idea. One that lingers in my mind is the cats! All the best in 2020, Brian. I hope it’s a great year of regeneration and hope for you and your loved ones.

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  2. A wonderful gallery, Brian. But I never realized your place was burned! I see your home and garden was left alone, thank God. Now I wish you all the best for the new year, and a beautiful rebirth of your Durranbah. β™₯

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    1. Thank you Tracy πŸ™‚ Yes I was surprised at the results from looking at the likes and comments. I hope it will be a better year than the past three environmentally speaking. If life hands you lemons, make that funny face and move on or just grab the salt and tequila πŸ˜€

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      1. Well the Indian Dipole is weakening so hopefully that will bring rain soon. Thankfully the OSI is expected to stay neutral until about April, then El Nino? How’s that for living in moment. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaggggghhhhh………..
        It is too smoky to mosaic at the moment, but I have a lovely little drawing that I have transposed that I think you will like.

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