28 thoughts on “Fifteen days later – I’m still smoking

  1. I don’t now how you can withstand it – but you must. I follow the news every day, about your brave firefighters and about your country and nature. And I read about your leaders…who do not seem to act on climate changes. My thoughts are with you.

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    1. Yes Ann-Christine, I don’t have any choice but to do the best I can. The country is so extreme at the moment and the leadership failures will be in the peoples minds next time there is an election that’s for sure. Thank you for thinking of me. Have a wonderful Christmas ❤


      1. That blows my mind. We get the occasional forest and gorse fires here that last a few days (a week on rare occasions). I can’t imagine how nerve-racking more than a fortnight is for you. It’s heartening to see you searching for the good in it all. Thank you for the positivity reminder. 🤩

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      2. Actually the threat of bushfire has been since September. Anxiety levels jumping about for months. The only patch of one hundred acres not burnt is around the house. The search is part of my recovery as well. Thanks for your thoughts

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