Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Common

Here is a few of the “commons” around here

Common Ringlet
common ringlet_binna burra_named_aug 2012
Common Jezebel butterfly_common jezabel_binna burra_named_mar 2014
Common Crowcommon crow butterfly_named_lismore_march 2016
Common Bronze-wing Dovecommon-bronzewing_named_home_oct-2016
Common Brown171115_blog challenge_letter M_butterfly_common brown
Common Dart171115_blog challenge_letter M_butterfly_common dart
Common Eggflycommon eggfly01_named_binna burra_jan 2018
Common Albatross common albatross_inside_named_binna burra_may 2018
Common Terncommon tern_flying_named_ballina_june 2018


The Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Mix

Most days at the bird baths there is usually a mix.
The White-throated Treecreeper was hoping the Yellow-faced Honeyeater and Eastern Yellow Robin would either have a drink and a bath and goeastern yellow robin_yellow faced honeyeater_bird bath_named_home_aug 2018
A Spangled Drongo was not impressed when the Noisy Miner came to ruin his bathspangled drongo_noisy miner01_birdbath_binna burra_march 2013
“No you go first”…..”but be my guest you go first”……”not al all you go”….and on it went…yellow faced honeyeater_lewins honeyeater_bird bath_named_home_aug 2018
“We were here first”……………..”No you weren’t”……….oh well, I’m off”rainbow lorikeets04_bird bath_home_named_oct 2014
“Are you blokes OK?”silvereyes_scarlet honeyeater_bird bath_named_home_aug 2018
“You can pretend to be a statue but I know you want to plunge in”spangled drongo_wattlebird_bird bath_named_binna burra_march 2016
“Oh bugger, he did jump straight in”spangled drongo_wattlebird_binna burra_march 2013

“Should we wait for the girls or just have a quick bath?”