Life goes on

Despite the horrid conditions I am living under at the moment, life goes on.
A lack of water for my garden which is slowly dying plant by plant, there is a bright spot among all of this dryness.

The Frangipanni trees are struggling, not their usual wonderful self but are getting their selves together to put on a show of colour. Here is the progress of one tree.
The start of hopeflower_frangipanni_named_home_jackadgery_nov 2019
Gradually getting to welcome the suns raysfrangipanni_red_buds_named_home_jackadgery_november 2019

The first flower opens
flower_frangipanni_close_home_jackadgery_dec 2019
The flowers and buds of the futureflower_frangipanni_home_jackadgery_dec 2019

Todays blooms
flower_frangipanni_open_home_jackadgery_dec 2019

I should link this to Cee’s FOTD page
Perhaps call it Floral Friday too

25 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. Hooray for the frangipani! We have the cream coloured ones here and occasionally I come across a pink. I’d rather like to have one but we only have a small space. Good to hold on to hope, Brian. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thanks Becky. Have been evacuated as fire is very close. Probably fire in the bottom of my property. The wind is blowing the fire away from the house. I am safe x


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