Sights, smells and sounds of fire

The air is thick
with smoke
vision a grey white haze
the fires smell
invades the house
and nostrils
sounds of helicopters
startle the birds
bucket swinging
it flies overhead
water it cries
a blessed relief

helicopter_bucket_fires_named_home_jackadgery_nov 2019

Weekly word prompt: Giving thanks


31 thoughts on “Sights, smells and sounds of fire

      1. Less than average rainfall for two years. This will be the first time there hasn’t been rain in November. The last lowest November rainfall was 15mls in 1914 or thereabouts. Still have two and a half days to go though

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  1. I’m so sorry that the fire is still ongoing, what a nightmare. I think we have your share of the rainfall right here in Yorkshire. This autumn had seen only a handful of dry days, with homes and villages flooded.

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    1. They are the best. Even have some people from New Zealand and all around Australia helping. 1ml in the rain gauge this morning First rain for November. Normally would have had at least 300mls

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