Fridays Follies- The Final Episode

Yes folks this is the last Fridays Follies

As this will be my last post for Fridays Follies, I thought I better do a final of the ones that hadn’t made it onto Fridays Follies over the years. I hope you enjoy the slide show

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pick your favourite and let me know.

Thanks Jason for being a great host for this challenge. I have so much fun finding signs that made me laugh and hope everyone has had as much enjoyment as I have posting them.


17 thoughts on “Fridays Follies- The Final Episode

  1. oh my word – I was sleepy and now I am all laughing – dang – I should not have come here when getting ready for bed!
    but in another way I am glad I did.
    Humor is so good for the soul.
    laughing at them all – but the valet parking one really got me a laughing – and then the open door before coming in??
    oh and did not get the 1.25 blueberries one??

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  2. Boneless rectums? And they are inverted nonetheless! 😂😂🤣🤣 Love them all but if I had to pick the newspaper ad made me laugh the hardest. But man “Fuc&wits”? That’s a keeper.
    Thanks for all your entries Brian I don’t think you let us down with any of them. I think they are all in the hall of frames as well! It was fun! I’ll give you time to recharge before the first reunion show! Promise!

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    1. That poor bloke but yes what a cracker of a newspaper ad.
      Yes a bit of warning would be good but I am sure I’ll just start saving when they cross my path.
      My pleasure in adding to a bit of humour in the world 😀

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