29 thoughts on “Benches

  1. So agree with Becky’s take on the two images –
    And such fun contrast between the two
    Benches / the bright red with the zoom in – letting us feel the slays of the bench and the bright red. Contrasting that with your zoomed out mono and the soft framing… reminds us of the many types of benches

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      1. Got ya! And I like it for connecting with a few specific people – but the adds On IG might chase me away – oh my word are the Instagram ads plentiful – the other thing that bugs me is the text and stories – I really was hoping just for photos but that is fine – I can scroll and leave

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      2. Well I have ads scroll like every five photos – and my hubs said he has tons too – and was only annoyed once when it was for these smoothie health drinks
        But I learned that you can click “hide ad” and they give you three options as to why – I wish “annoying” was one of them (because I get annoyed by shirtless people selling stuff and I hate yoga ads with underweight models doing stupid poses that keep people away from yoga) anyhow – “not relevant” is the option I usually pick and at least they allow that hide ad option – but it is a heavy ad saturated social media site – for sure !

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      3. You shouldn’t have to hide ads at all. What a stupid concept. Yes annoying or not reflecting societies norms would be a good option as well 😀 😀


      4. Yeah – and I don’t mind some ads – but feel the “targeting” once’s can be so off! Like just cos my spouse is a health coach does not mean he will ever buy smoothies with chemicals and junk! And just because I am female doesn’t mean I want to see Tori Spelling’s clothing box – lol

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      5. I will be back In touch about the app…
        But I take pics from my camera – download them to my computer and then email a small version to my phone and then upload

        But I know some folks who use that desktop app I mentioned – let me get the name of it o

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      6. Facebook and Instagram are now saturated with ads. I too find them annoying. There used to be a great plugin called LR/Instagram where you could publish images straight from Lightroom. But guess what.. Facebook who owns Instagram decided to make it nigh on impossible now to used 3rd party plug-ins.

        One way of sharing from desktop to Instagram is by using the Windows Share option. Download the Instagram app on windows, sign in and set it up. And then you can right-click, select share to, and a box comes up where you can pick which app you want to share on. Slowly but surely I am getting fed up with both the ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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